Tropical Flower Care Instructions

For All Tropical Flowers and Foliage:

Unpack carefully and immediately.

Trim ½ to 1 inch off of the stems with a sharp knife or scissors.

Every 3-4 days re-trim stems, clean the vase, and replace the water with fresh.

Occasionally mist flowers (except orchids sprays).


Submerge whole flowers in cool water 10-15 minutes.

Keep the flowers away from heat sources and drafts.

Dendrobium and Oncidium Orchid sprays:

Submerge flowers sprays in cool water 10-15 minutes.

Re-cut stems once or twice a week and change water daily.

Keep the flowers away from heat sources and avoid temperatures below 45°F.

Tropicals (Bird of Paradise, Heliconias, Gingers):

For Ginger: Soak the entire flower and stem in cool water for 10-15 minutes.

For Bird of Paradise: To bring out extra flowers, insert your thumb inside the sheath through the slit on the upper side and gently lift up a new flower.

Keep flowers away from heat sources, air conditioning drafts, and direct sunlight.


For Foliage: Trim ½ inch off the stem and immerse immediately in fresh water at room temperature for 15 minutes.