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Birds of Paradise & Ginger

Hawaiian Leis


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Uncle Gecko, the heliconia farmerTropical Flowers

Tropical flowers from Hawaii have a world-wide reputation for lasting quality, freshness, variety, and spectacular color. We ship only the best of Big Island flowers and will help you select the size and variety of flower for your bouquets, gift boxes, and events. Our per-stem pricing and automatic shipping calculation is designed to make flower ordering simple and easy to budget. Your satisfaction guaranteed with every order.

When to order - Shipping & delivery information

Orchid Stems

25 dendrobium orchid stems

Orchids are the easiest and most versatile flowers you can work with. Unlike most of the tropical flowers, they spread out and gracefully arch to fill a vase in each direction.  Arranging orchid stems is as easy as simply cutting the stem's base and placing in the vase.  Orchids last well and ship the best of all the tropicals.

More Information and Orchid Ordering

25 oncidium orchid stems5 dendrobium orchid stems


Red anthuriumAnthuriums are similar to the orchids in that they are easy flowers to arrange and will fill a vase in every direction or facing front only.  However, anthuriums last longer than orchids and come in a huge variety of colors, shapes and sizes from candy pinks, pure whites, greens, every shade of pastel, and light to deep reds.  Anthuriums may be arranged by themselves, with a small amount of foliage, or combined with any other tropical.  They are particularly striking with orchid stems or the smaller heliconias for a very tropical bouquet.

More Information and Anthurium Ordering

Tulip anthuriumAnthuriums and orchid stems

Birds of Paradise & Ginger

Bird of Paradise

Birds of Paradise and ginger are mid-sized staples of tropical bouquets.  They need to be bound together, or supported in some way in larger vases and may bruise smaller flowers.  Birds  of Paradise are often thought of as the symbol of tropical flowers.  They are a medium-sized exotic bloom that will instantly evoke palm trees, but will not last longer than a week.  Red  and pink ginger lasts a few days longer and is a hardier splash of bright color.

More Information and Ordering Birds of Paradise and Ginger

Pink gingerRed ginger


Lobster Claw heliconiaLarge to small, heliconia look like the flower from another planet.  The largest are best for floor arrangements or very large table displays.  Use as a focal point and be ready to support the heavy stems in place.  The medium-sized heliconia are more versatile and may be used to add to the impact of a larger heliconia, or mixed in with birds of paradise, ginger, groups of heliconia, or used as a focal point in a mid-sized arrangement.  The smaller heliconia add strong touches of color and height to any arrangement or style, even hand-held bouquets.

More Information and Heliconia Ordering

Parrot's beak heliconias

Orthotrica heliconia

Green ti leavesNot every arrangement calls for foliage, as many tropical flowers fill a vase easily - but long-lasting tropical foliage is great for holding larger pieces in place or filling space between more expensive flowers.  Green and red ti-leaves, monstera, and areca palm leaves are excellent for flat table decorations.

More Information and Foliage Ordering

Tropical foliage ordering

Monstera Leaf

Lycopodium fern stems

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